Audacious Art Experiment

Young people in Sheffield have set up a unique DIY arts centre and record label adding to the already thriving DIY scene in Sheffield.

As you walk up Brhamall lane you may hear the distant sound of crashing cymbals and the constant hum of bass. Amongst the jungle of office space and trades buildings is “The Audacious Art Experiment”, a DIY art centre and record label geared at showcasing the communities best talent.

Set up by a group of friends, they offer a fully kitted out practice room and artistic space for anybody who wishes to collaborate. Many local bands use the space to record albums which The Audacious Art Experiment then promote and sell in their shop.

When asked to describe their ethos they said “If you make music, or just like what you hear… if you create art, take photographs, or saw some that blew you away… if you met some people who inspired you, or would like to meet them… then let us know, and we’ll share what we know.”


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