EDL March In Rotherham Cost £1m

£500,000 spent on policing for an EDL march in Rotherham.

Around 400 EDL members marched through Rotherham centre to protest against child sexual exploitation. business in town ground to holt as shops and pubs shut down in preparation for the march. Police were on full alert as crowd control barriers were set up and 1,000 police officers were on duty to curb any unrest.

£500,000 was spent on policing alone with another £500,000 estimated to be lost through loss of trade.

The EDL marched around Rotherham centre and Rallied in All Saints Square where speakers chanted “England til i die” and talk of council corruption.

The march was met with by around 50 U.A.F supporters staging a counter demonstration. Police in riot gear and crowd control barriers prevented the two groups meeting, however a few beer cans were thrown.

No arrests were made from either side.


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