South Yorkshire Advanced Manufacturing Park

New development and investment is taking place in the South Yorkshire Advanced Manufacturing Park to create the “Silicon Don Valley Dream.”

When walking around the advanced manufacturing park in South Yorkshire, it’s hard to believe that this was the once site of the infamous Orgreave Colliery. Now home to over 40 businesses ranging from small start ups to huge multinationals such as Boeing and Rolls Royce the space has come a long way to shaking off the negative connotations of the past.

Once an area of pain for many Yorkshire men, it is now becoming a positive beacon, bringing new housing, jobs and business to South Yorkshire.

“Over 1,500 jobs have already been created” Said AMP manager John “and for every 1 job created, it is estimate that 4 other jobs are created to support their work”

The AMP is attracting investors from all over the world to set up in Sheffield.

Boeing have teamed up with Sheffield University at the AMRC training students in advanced research testing.

The site is also home to Yorkshire’s first Rolls Royce plant.

The final goal is to use the vast empty space of the Orgreave site to develop a new community hubbed around the growing advanced manufacturing park, creating an area people want to move to and live in.

New housing has already been built in Waverley to accommodate the new workers with more underway. Much of the housing has modern designs with eco friendly features such as solar panels.


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