Barnsley Community Centre Under Austerity Pressure

Volunteers at Barnsley community centre feel the pressure of austerity.

More people have been using Barnsley community centre, run by Unite Trade Union, as a result of controversial benefit reforms.

Set up in the old N.U.M headquarters, the community centre is run on a volunteer basis and offers a number of services to some of the most vulnerable people in Barnsley.

Some of these services include help and advice on claiming benefits, universal credit, assisting people struggling with the bedroom tax and offering computer training courses geared at getting people into work.

They have been under increased pressure recently as more people are turning to local charities to get their basic necessities.

Joe, a volunteer at the centre said “we are a vital lifeline for some of the most vulnerable people here in Barnsley, offering much needed advice and assistance.”

Many people in Barnsley are confused by the new benefit reforms and are struggling to provide for themselves, many others have been tipped over the edge by reforms such as the bedroom tax.


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