Drop In Kitchen Barnsley

More people used Barnsley drop in kitchen in 2014 than in any other year.

The Drop in Kitchen, based in the Addaction centre but run by a separate organisation, was originally set up to help the outsiders of Barnsley. The homeless, the drug addicted and those who have recently been released from prison. Providing front line care for those in desperate need.

Set up by a local church, the charitable organisations ethos is to help who ever shows up regardless of their circumstances. Unlike other food banks in the area, you do not have to be referred and have your income assessed to come to the Drop In Kitchen. They will provide a hot cooked meal, a food parcel and 2 items of warm clothing or sleeping bags to who ever comes in.

However over the past year they have had an unprecedented increase in numbers, averaging at around 100 breakfasts each morning they are open.

“The sort of people we are getting in has changed drastically” said volunteer Brian “Where as before we were mainly getting those addicted to drugs and the homeless, now we are getting more pensioners, young people, families and day labourers. People who normally wouldn’t use our services are finding themselves in hard situations and having to reach out for help ”

The drastic increase in numbers at Barnsley Drop In Kitchen can be attributed to austerity decisions made by the government. Many people on low incomes have had their work load reduced and contractual benefits slashed due to the popularity of zero hour contracts. Many others are finding themselves with less income due to controversial benefit reforms, particularly young people who are unable to claim full housing allowance until they are over 25.


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