Jeff & Sue: Go To Sleep

A local woman uses Amitriptyline sleeping tablets to drug her husband so he wont want to go to the pub.

Jeff and Sue have been married over 40 years and have three children who are all grown up. Jeff is an ex-miner who is now retried where as Sue used to work in the local corner shop. Jeff worked as a pony boy in his younger days, assisting the pony’s bringing heavy loads of coal.

They currently live in a bungalow on George street, Ryhill Wakefield. Sue enjoys going round to her neighbour Christine’s house to play “Zumba Fitness” a Wii fitness game.

Jeff is a big fan of real ale, a local delicacy in South Yorkshire, which he drinks down his local Workings Mens Club over a game of Snooker. He says “I prefer it to larger because it’s got none of them nasty gasses and it guz darn better”

Sue doesn’t like him going down the pub every night as she is worried he will run into trouble on the way home or will spend too much money. In order to stop him from going, she occasionally slips Amitriptyline sleeping tablets in his tea so he is too tired to go.

Amitriptyline is a powerful sedative often used to treat insomnia and depression.

Jeff is aware of Sue’s sneaky way of getting him to stay in but doesn’t seem to get too annoyed when it happens. With next to no figures available on an issue like this, i wonder how wide spread drugging ones spouse is throughout this country.


One thought on “Jeff & Sue: Go To Sleep”

  1. Like your story about the woman that gives sleepers to stop the husband going out, do you think she might have some spare as i could do to use some on my husband? Great story very entertaining Connor well done. Dawn Farrar.


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